Beauty Empties (Trash Haul)

Beauty Empties (Trash Haul)

Hi all, today I am coming at you with beauty empties, the products I have used up and accumulated over the last several months. As weird as it may sound, there’s something very satisfying about collecting beauty empties. Is it just me? Haha. Anyway, I mostly have skincare items as I don’t go through makeup products as fast. In this post, I will go over what worked and what didn’t for me. I won’t go through every single item though as there are a lot of products but will make sure to highlight some of my favorites.

First, I have been a long time user of SK-II facial treatment essence and this was probably my 9th bottle (that’s how much I love it)? I haven’t repurchased it just yet because I wanted to take a break from it and use something else. Right now I’m using a toner from belif, which I’ll get into in a later post but this facial essence from SK-II is amazing. I personally have never seen dramatic results on my skin with it but it is very very gentle and soothing and I feel like my skin is always well hydrated after using the essence. Le Weekend de Chanel is meant to be used on weekends for skin enhancement. It’s for hydration and exfoliation. When I was using this product, I noticed my skin was much better and softer in the morning, but the scent was a bit too repulsive for me- I didn’t like it. Although I did see some great results with this, I just didn’t reach for it enough to finish the product before the expiration date. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it, at least anytime soon. The Lamer cream is one of my favorite moisturizers ever. I talked about it a little bit in my previous skincare post but I have stopped using it for the Summer because the cream is rather thick. I have gone through several jars of this cream and I will continue to repurchase it. It’s one of the thickest creams to use during colder months. Plus, I love the baby powdery smell; I know some people don’t like it but I don’t mind the scent at all. Every time I put it on my face, I feel like I’m getting a spa treatment. The no-sebum powder from Innisfree is my all time favorite face powder. It is very similar to Make Up Forever’s ultra HD powder but I just prefer the Innisfree one because it’s so affordable and lasts forever on my skin even on the hottest days. This is a must-have item for me in my makeup collection. The Vinoperfect Radiance Serum from Caudalie was a win for me. After using this serum consistently for about a month, I noticed evenness and more radiance in my skin. The consistency of the product is slightly watery but still does a great job of hydrating. I highly recommend this product. Next, the S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum from the same brand was a good serum. I have another one in my cabinet waiting to be used. I don’t exactly remember how it performed on my skin but it didn’t break me out and I am willing to give it another go in the Fall for that extra hydration. This YSL foundation was my holy grail foundation but this exact formula is no longer made. It was the most natural looking foundation and super light; however, YSL reformulated this foundation, which I haven’t tried yet. There are mixed reviews on the new formula so I am kind of skeptical about it and plus I have other foundations I am loving at the moment. I might just go to the YSL counter and ask for a sample and see if it’s better than the old version. The Orange Blossom serum is a life saver in Winter for me. Because it’s an oil serum, it hydrates skin like no other- it’s no joke. I really like the scent of orange blossom too. The only downside is that the packaging needs to be improved. I’ve gone through 3 bottles of this and every single one leaked the product- kind of a disaster when the product contains oil.This moisturizer is made by a Korean brand Re:NK, which I think is popular among older women because of the anti-aging ingredients in a lot of their products. I absolutely loved this cream. My mom gave me a little travel size to try and I liked it so much that I asked her for a full size jar. This cream is perfect for days when you don’t want to put makeup on but need a bit of correction to make your face look alive, fresh, and moisturized. It really does make my skin look radiant like the name suggests and I love that it’s got SPF 30 in it. It’s the one stop beauty elixir! This Stila mascara was so good that I looked into getting backups but I never did because truthfully I can never justify buying mascaras that are more than $15. I just think there are so many great options at drugstores for so much cheaper. This mascara gives a lot of volume to lashes without making them look too clumpy or spidery, but remember it’s not natural by any means. Okay, why did Sephora have to get rid of Formula X? It was one of the best nail polish brands! I cannot believe Sephora stopped this line. The Formula X top coat was an amazing top coat. It was everything; long lasting, shiny, and fast drying. I am so glad I picked up a backup just before they discontinued it. I don’t know what I would do when I finish my backup. My sister told me the Nails INC. one is really good. Do you guys have any recommendations?

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  • I was talking on my blog the other day about how people have so many empties!!
    I am glad you say these are from a number of months.
    I only have heaps of empties for shampoo and conditioner oh and hair dye.
    Nail polish normally gets too thick to use before I am empty.
    oh I am nearly down on my Dr Jart+ Ceremidin liquid… I must not use very much stuff.
    Set to Glow

    • Hi Kiri! Thanks for reading. I totally know what you mean by that! It definitely took me a long period of time to accumulate this many.

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