Current Favorite Sheet Masks

Current Favorite Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are all the rage right now in the beauty community. There are all kinds of sheet masks catering to every single skin type out there, and you can still find some amazing masks without having to pay a fortune. Also, I don’t mind spending a little bit more on sheet masks because I feel that sometimes more expensive ones with good ingredients really do work better on my skin such as SK-II. What I love the most about sheet masks is that they instantly hydrate my skin and it’s almost like getting a spa treatment (for so much less money)! In this post, I’ll be talking about my current favorite masks, both affordable and high end.

 First of all, these masks from Peach Slices work wonders on my skin! They have several kinds and the calm one has to be my favorite. They all hydrate my skin amazingly to the point I almost don’t need to put on a moisturizer afterwards. And let’s be real; sometimes I skip that extra step to moisturize my skin. Peach Slices mask sheets also give you a ton of product inside so you are always left with extra essence, which I end up applying on my body. I love that these masks are so dang affordable yet high quality!Next are these adorable bear sheet masks. I picked these up from the Peach and Lily section at CVS and they are truly amazing. There are three different types: illuminating, pore caring, and hydrating. My favorite is the illuminating one because it really makes my skin illuminate after I put it on. It is AMAZING! These mask sheets are also ultra thin, almost like a second skin.

I also love me a good luxury sheet mask. One of my all time favorites is SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. This one is a life saver and you’ll see many many rave reviews by other people! It brightens, hydrates, and tones my skin. It also adds the nicest glow to my face. I love love love this one. I plan on using this sheet mask every day for a couple of weeks before my wedding day – I don’t care how expensive it is, I’ll do it to prep my skin to become the best condition it can be for my wedding. The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask also has a plenty of essence inside so whatever you have left, put on your décolletage and chest area.

Another great one is the brightening mask from Shiseido. Shiseido makes some great masks and I really like this brightening one because it really does brighten my skin. It isn’t super hydrating like some other masks but it doesn’t bother me as I can put on a facial oil or a moisturizer right after I take it off to lock in all that goodness.  The hydrogel mask from Celderma is a great one if you are looking for a gel mask. It is super easy to apply because it’s gel and adheres better to the skin. This mask leaves me with a soft skin and has a very pleasant, subtle scent to it.


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