Five Obsessions

Five Obsessions

Hi everyone, today I’m sharing my five obsessions with you.1. FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 8: I bought this several years ago and have ever since kind of forgotten about how good it is! I have begun to use it again lately to snap photos of our everyday life moments and I am loving it! Why haven’t I done it any sooner? I like the idea of collecting polaroid films of candid moments.


2. PHONE HOLDER: My mom quilted this phone holder and it’s been one of the most used items in my life.




4. DIPTYQUE FEU D’AGRUMES (FIERY ORANGE): I received the Diptyque holiday candle set as a Christmas present and I have been burning them like crazy. The orange one is my favorite out of all three – it smells quite unique and very winter-y. Every time I burn this candle, my apartment is blanketed in such a cozy scent. I just love it!


5. WEST ELM PIERCED LANTERNS: These instantly change the mood of my apartment. I love them so much.

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