Fresh Skincare: Face Masks & Black Tea Age-Delay Line

Fresh Skincare: Face Masks & Black Tea Age-Delay Line

Hi all, today I’m writing about some new skincare from Fresh that I received from my sister. She was so generous to send me all of these products and I am so grateful! I rarely buy entire products from a specific line of skincare — usually I just pick up what I need from different brands to customize my skincare. My sister sent me the Black Tea Age-Delay products from Fresh and I am excited to try out the entire line. Along with those products, she also sent me their Sugar Face Polish, Rose Face Mask, and Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask.I tried both of these products and they are truly wonderful. They feel very luxurious to put on and I really enjoyed what they did to my skin right after washing it off: brightened, soft surface, and hydrated. Of course these masks do not hydrate the skin like a moisturizer would but they don’t make my face feel dry or stripped after taking it off — you know, some masks can make skin feel really dry. The Sugar Face Polish is very soft to the touch to begin with and doesn’t feel harsh on the face as the exfoliants quickly disappear once rubbed. It is a gentle physical exfoliator, and I highly recommend it to those who have sensitive skin.

The Rose Face Mask feels amazing on the skin as well. I love that the mask feels hydrating and does not dry down until I have to wash it off. If there was an overnight version of this, I’d totally buy it!This is like the product you would want to gift to your girlfriend because the packaging is great and the product inside is high quality and ideally would cater to any skin type.You can see here that the consistency of the Rose Face Mask is very runny but not dripping watery if that makes sense. It’s easy to apply and the smell is divine!

Ok, let’s talk about the Black Tea range now. This line is supposed to be very moisturizing and give you a firming effect. I haven’t used the products long enough to tell you whether they really do firm the skin but so far, I love how each of these products lay on my skin. The moisturizer is quite thick and makes my skin supple and bouncy.  I really like the packaging of the serum. Fuss-free, easy to use and squeeze and lightweight. This serum may make your skin feel a bit tacky after putting it on but I actually don’t mind that because it keeps my skin hydrated and I go to bed with an oil slathered, shiny face anyway. If the sticky texture is something that’s on your NO list, then you may want to avoid this product.   I really like the formula of the face cream; it’s not too thick nor greasy. Just perfect for my combination skin type. I don’t have anything else to report other than that for now.

That’s all for now! I’ll update you all on how these products perform over a period of time in a later post. Have an amazing day!

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