Hamptons Mini Getaway

Hamptons Mini Getaway

Hi all, I have caught the major travel bug and we have been going different places whenever we get time off. Luckily I have a very flexible work schedule so I’ve been able to travel quite a lot this Summer. We decided to head over to the Hamptons a couple weekends ago spontaneously to get away from the city and the heat.

We chose Sag Harbor because it seemed like the perfect getaway place for us- quiet, peaceful, nothing much to do around, and great local shops to visit. We stayed at this cutest hotel called, Baron’s Cove. It was everything we wanted, except the pool area was a bit smaller but everything else was just great- from decor to ambience to friendly staff. It carries that perfect Hamptons vibe. We also had our own little patio which made it feel more private and vacation-like.

On our second day, we took a complimentary shuttle that the hotel offers to the Foster Memorial beach and spent the afternoon by the water. It was amazingly serene there (even with people around) and there were no big waves so it almost felt like a lake.

Their restaurant is also amazing; the food is exceptional and the whole atmosphere makes your getaway even more perfect. We had early dinner so there was really no one around but it gets packed around dinner time so I recommend making reservations ahead of time.

The main area of Sag Harbor is within ten minutes of walking distance. There are lots of small shops and places to eat. We went to a seafood place called, The Dock House, and we enjoyed their food so much we had to go back there the next day for lunch. They have amazing lobster bisque and baked seafood. I almost want to go back to Sag Harbor just to visit this restaurant again. 

In the evening, we took a bike ride around the neighborhood and watched the sunset- it was so stress-relieving, and the sunset was just breathtaking. At night we saw fireflies everywhere. I don’t remember the last time I saw them so it was quite magical for me.


We felt fully charged after this relaxing trip and we can’t wait to explore other areas of the Hamptons before the Summer ends.

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