Las Vegas Trip || Summer Vacation

Las Vegas Trip || Summer Vacation

Following our Hamptons getaway, My fiance and I went to Las Vegas for the rest of our Summer vacation and we had such an amazing time there. We both have visited Las Vegas before but it was our first time there together. We loved every single moment from pool time to casino to shopping to even just resting in our room. It was the perfect vacation for us and we cannot wait to go back. We stayed at Wynn, which, in my opinion, is one of the best hotels in Vegas and we really felt at home during the entire stay. I would say Wynn is more “private” and less crowded (of course it all depends on the day and the event going on) than some of other hotels like Bellagio and the Venetian/Palazzo.

We went to a total of three shows, Le Reve, O, and KA, and truly enjoyed all of them. It was my second time seeing Le Reve and it was just as good as the first time I saw it, which was only three months ago. I felt like a couple of things were different and later found out that they change things up a bit every six months to keep the show fresh and entertaining for frequent visitors- WOW! If you ever go to Vegas, watch a show or two- Vegas shows are honestly the best. We are huge fans of Cirque du Soleil hence the shows we chose but there are some other good ones as well like magic shows. The next time we are there, I would like to watch the Penn & Teller show.

The shows were obviously all at different locations so we planned our days according to our show schedules. When we went to MGM Grand for the KA show, we did hotel hopping around that area. It was so much fun exploring all the different hotels and seeing how they showcase themselves- so much to see and enjoy.

I couldn’t get photos of O and Ka but they are both definitely must sees!

We loved this restaurant (Terrace Pointe Cafe) so much we went back a couple days later. Also, I was completely obsessed with their Sunrise juice, which is available at a few other locations in the hotel. I wish I had taken more photos because these photos don’t show every little detail of our trip. Nonetheless, we had a lovely week in Vegas and are already thinking about going back for a short weekend trip. Have you gone on your Summer vacation yet? If so, where did you go?

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