Makeup Haul || Stila & YSL

Makeup Haul || Stila & YSL

Hi all, today I’m bringing you another makeup haul. I thought I was done after getting all that stuff from the Sephora sale (my Sephora haul) but apparently I had more things left to buy. I grabbed a couple of products from Stila and a YSL lip creme. I’ve tried these products already so I’ll be giving you mini reviews. Scroll down to see what I got! 

STILA HEAVEN’S HUE HIGHLIGHTER IN KITTEN. Kitten is a very popular shade from Stila- it is a pink champagne color with a gold undertone. I am a huge fan of the Kitten eyeshadow and when I saw that it existed in a highlighter version, I needed to try it. 

The formula of this highlighter is quite interesting; it’s exactly not a cream nor a powder. But as you can see in the swatch photo, there is a slight indentation I made from putting my fingers on it. Although it does have a bit of cream-like texture, it definitely feels like a powder when swatched. It’s not the most finely milled highlighter (again, because of the texture) but there is no glitter whatsoever and it lays beautifully on my cheekbones.

STILA EYESHADOW PALETTE IN SOUL. I’ve been using the Stila In The Light palette for the longest time ever and it was time for me to finally toss it. It’s way past the expiration date but it still works great. I love this palette and have used it to death as you can see, it’s all beat up. When I saw that Stila was having a 25% off sale, I finally took the plunge to buy the soul palette. The soul palette looks the most similar to the old one I have and now I can finally throw it out without holding back.

All of the shades swatch great on my skin and stay put on my eyelids. The shadows are creamy, pigmented, and easy to work with and you can create so many different looks with all the colors you are given in this palette. As for the packaging, the lid is magnetized, which makes it super easy to open and close. It also has a big mirror- perfect for traveling. Left: Old Stila In The Light palette, Right: Stila Soul palette

YSL VINYL CREAM LIP STAIN. Last but not least, I snatched this beauty while I was shopping in Sephora with my mom during my trip in California. My sister recommended this product to me and I never really paid attention but when I tried it on in store, I instantly fell in love! Mine’s in the shade, 404 Nude Pulse, and it’s a perfect color for Spring/Summer! I love that it looks fresh and lively on my lips. It is very hydrating yet still has a good lasting power. This will for sure become my go-to lip product for Summer. I want to get more shades!


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