May Bullet Journal 2017

May Bullet Journal 2017

 Can you believe it’s already May? We are almost half way through the year. Crazy! In today’s post, I’m sharing my May bullet journal spreads. I don’t have a fancy design or anything like that- it’s rather simple. Having bullet journaled for 4 months now, I think I’m finally finding what styles suit me the most. I’m discovering that I gear towards more simple styles that are to the point.

For my weekly spread, I decided to just make the days big and bold. I didn’t even draw any lines to separate the days because I figured the big lettering would separate them anyway. I tried separating with thin wash tape but didn’t really enjoy the look of it so for the following weeks I just left it as is. Once I complete writing down things to do and my schedule and add stickers and things, it will look much better because right now it just kind looks too bland.

My trip memories

At the front of my journal, I made sections for books to read and movies so I can keep track of what I’ve read and watched this year.

My April finances page that I never shared last month but I wanted to include it here so you can see what I did with my monthly finances records. I also made a little section for blog post ideas right next to it so I can make a list of topics to write about and not forget.

Do you bullet journal too? If so, share your weekly spreads with me!

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