New Skincare || Chanel Le Lift

New Skincare || Chanel Le Lift

Hi all, today I’m talking about new skincare (to me), the Chanel Le Lift range. I have the serum, eye cream, and moisturizer, which all came in a limited edition set. The Le Lift is an anti-wrinkle range. It is supposed to help with firming and lifting and geared toward matured skin so I am not the best person to test these products on but I still like to be proactive when it comes to my skin.

Le Lift Sérum: This serum is very refreshing to put on and it feels like a treat every time I use it. My skin absorbs it very well and looks alive. The texture is very different than what I’ve used; it’s more like a cream than a runny serum. The thicker consistency makes it luxurious to apply. So far I am loving it but will have to wait longer to see a result.

Le Lift Crème: The cream has a good consistency – it’s not a lightweight cream but it’s not super thick either like the Lamer cream. It feels glue-like when you first put it on but it does get absorbed. In my opinion, this is a perfect moisturizer for winter because of how moisturizing it is.

Le Lift Crème Yeux: The eye cream is light weight and silky smooth. My eyes definitely look more awake after applying this but I’ve only started using it so I can’t tell you how good the cream actually is but I’ll report back later! By the way, all of these products have a floral scent so if it’s something that you don’t want in your skincare, you may want to avoid this range.

 Sublimage La Lotion Supréme: This toner isn’t part of the Le Lift range but I wanted to include it here anyway because it has been so wonderful to my skin. I’ve been dealing with parched skin lately because of the cold weather and this has come to my rescue. I dab this toner onto my face three times and it makes my skin amazingly hydrating. It penetrates well into the skin and I love love love this product! 

Have you tried this range? If so, have you seen any amazing results?


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