What I Eat in a Week || Food Diary

What I Eat in a Week || Food Diary

Hi everyone! I am back with my “What I Eat in a Week” post today. This last week, we dined out a lot just because.. I have been trying to eat healthy for a few weeks now and last week I just completely fell through the crack. I don’t know what it is but I have been craving different types of food and what can I say, I LOVE food. Food excites me- I find joy every time I find a new great restaurant or go to the ones on my restaurant list.  My fiance and I are huge burger lovers. At one point, we were having burgers too much, we decided to make a rule: have a burger fortnightly only. At first, it sounded too harsh and unrealistic but surprisingly, we have managed to keep the rule going (so proud of us)! Anyway, Bareburger is one of our go-to burger places. They have great a burger selection with different types of meat and vegan options. I always get the one with guac and every time I get it, I devour it in a matter of seconds. Thinking about it makes me want one right now. Also, I’m in love with their cute packaging. I like when restaurants pay attention to details like that.

 One night I cooked some LA galbi, which is a popular Korean dish made with beef ribs. Mangchi shares everything about LA galbi in depth on her blog so make sure to head over there if you want to cook some for yourself. I was running out of a lot of things in my fridge so we didn’t have others things to eat on the side so I decided to pop in some rice cake, which was a great addition.

Our absolute favorite Mediterranean restaurant in the city: Taboon. We love everything about this restaurant from the decors to a variety of dishes to friendly staff. Their octopus dish is amazing; a must try and the pre-meal bread is absolutely divine. I am always dreaming of their bread and hummus to be honest. I really appreciate all the different, unique flavors the chef creates in one dish and because of that, I am never sick of their food.

Empanada Mama is by far the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to. They are famous of their empanadas but their entrees and other dishes are great as well. I love the plantain chips and I dislike plantain immensely so this is a big deal to me. Their plantain chips are amazing! On this day, we had beef tacos and this Mexican fried rice (I forget what it’s called but see the photo above). If you are ever in the Hell’s Kitchen area, please check this restaurant out! Or they also have a location in Lower East Side.

 After going to Empanada Mama, I had to make some tacos the day after because I was craving more Mexican food. I threw everything that I had in the fridge together and just made some tacos. I cooked some ground beef with taco seasoning and sautéed vegetables and added avocado bits and cilantro. I also made guacamole and homemade tortilla chips to have on the side. I’m trying to be mindful about how much salt I use when I cook so when I was cooking the meat, I didn’t use any at all so the tacos turned out a bit too bland so next time I need to make sure to season it properly- haha.

Pure Thai Cookhouse has a lot of great ratings on the Yelp page but truthfully, their food wasn’t mind-blowing for us at least. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I’ve definitely had better thai food. We got chicken curry puffs, papaya salad, beef chow fun, and shrimp with veggies. Our favorite was the beef chow fun. We liked that the taste wasn’t too strong, flavors were all mixed in very nicely. We might try some of their noodles next time because those are what most people seem to get there.


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